How to Keep a Pisces Woman in 2011

The Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is a woman of dreams. Logic rarely exists in her life as she dosen’t really understand it. Her favourite world is the one she has created herself in her own mind. She has a sweetness that is delightful and can warm up even the coldest heart. Not many people could refuse a Pisces woman, they are simply just too sweet. These women has a sixth sense, they just seem to know what’s coming next. Some people accuse these women of playing mind games, but mostly I believe that it is this extra sense, this added perception that is to blame for this. Pisces women are exceptionally sensitive and bring with this sensitivity an overwhelming kindness and care for others. They can’t bare to see others suffer and will always try and help out people who aren’t as fortunate as herself. She actually get’s embarrassed if she has been successful in her life and finds herself next to people who aren’t as wealthy as her. This lady knows how to please in a relationship. She is not pushy or nagging and just wants everyone to feel happy. Seeing her family unhappy will cause her a great deal of pain as she kind of has the attitude that it is all down to her to sort out. As a mother she will be soft and sensitive and lovely really. Definitely a parent a child will be able to talk to if their is a problem. They may be worried about upsetting her though. The Pisces woman does have a tendency for feeling sorry for herself, and just like the Pisces man, if she is not brought out of this it could well lead to depression. Also watch for post natal depression in these women after they have had a child. This woman does have a tough side too. She may look like the perfect angel from the outside but this can change and she can turn into something else altogether, which will undoubtedly shock anyone who is close to this lady as it really doesn’t seem possible. But it is, she is a pretty tough cookie under her armour of sensitivity. She will get especially riled if she is pulled out from her dream worlkd unwillingly. You have been warned. All in all thought this woman is a pleasure to be around. And let’s face it, none of us are perfect!


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