Best Part Time Jobs for College Students

Today, students do not only need to obtain good grades in college, but they should also have some prior real world experience to help them in their professional career later. Employers are searching for candidates who are already trained in the basics of a specific job. There are multiple best part time job opportunities for students. Below, we discuss about some of the best jobs for college students in terms of pay, work around class schedules and career benefit. And, these student jobs are definitely going to look good on a candidate's resume.


On Campus IT Support Job
Colleges search for tech savvy students who can do IT field related work. Along with continuing with their education, students can take up technological services work in the college campus itself. Those who are pursuing a relevant degree in the IT field can immensely benefit from the job. Job responsibilities may include assisting students and teachers in solving technical problems, installing computer systems and other related work. No doubt, on campus IT support jobs happen to be one of the best jobs for students. The best part is that tech support jobs or IT support jobs also offer decent pay to students.


Lab Assistant
If you seeking a career in the field of laboratory sciences, there can be no better option that taking up the lab assistant job at the college. These types of student jobs are available both on campus and off campus. While joining this job, students would need to work in the college research laboratory. Since employers like research experience, students can find the job experience quite useful.


College Library Jobs
Have you ever considered doing a job in the college library? Well, maximum number of students overlooks this job. In fact, these jobs are quite flexible and offer nice work environment. College library jobs require students to do work including checking out/ handing books, interlibrary loan management, and library search system data entry among others. The job is a good option for candidates pursuing a degree or seeking a career in library sciences.


College Gym Jobs
Students can also look for part time job opportunities at the college gym. While working in the gym, students would need to serve at the gym counter, manage the gym equipment and assisting those who train and practice at the gym. If you can also take aerobics classes, the college gym job is definitely going to be one of the best part-time and well paid jobs for you.


House sitting/ Babysitting Jobs for Professors
Yet another wonderful part time job opportunity for students is working for college professors. Professors at the college campus always require people to take care of their kids and pets. Though you may not get a decent pat while working for a professor, you certainly develop a professional connection that can bring you good business and work opportunities. In addition, a recommendation from the professor you work for can also help a lot in your future career.


Dorm Desk Attendant Jobs
Students who are looking for on-the-campus part time work opportunities can get a job as a dorm desk attendant. Working hours are flexible and the job is not quite hectic. However, dorm desk attendants are accountable for the security of students. The job offers decent pay too.


Academic Department Clerical Work
College academic departments also offer part time jobs to students due to excessive workload. When the work pressure increases, secretaries find it hard to handle the large amount of work. Students are, therefore, hired to work part time. While doing the job, students need to handle tasks including journal submissions, faculty meeting notes, handouts for the class, journal articles etc.


Home Health Aide Jobs
It is a good part time job option for candidates pursuing a career in healthcare. Functioning as a home health aide, students would be working with the elderly helping them take medications and do exercises. This patient care experience can bring good benefits if you are looking for home health aide jobs in healthcare facilities.


Bank Teller Jobs
College students can also take up a bank teller's job for part time work. The job happens to be flexible and provides candidates with customer service experience. It is one of the best job opportunities if you are looking to acquire good communication skills.


A word of advice to college students is that they should select or go for a job option which is relevant to their career path or future career. And there are multiple part time job opportunities for college students to choose from.


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