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What to get an old school dad on Father's Day. . . DIY!

For the past three years I’ve gone to Walgreen’s grabbed a card and called it a “Father’s Day.”  My gifts could be more thoughtful but I’m an actor and my dad gets it. I’m broke, I’m busy.

This year though, I vowed would be different. I gotta show my dad how much I appreciate all that he’s sacrificed for me.  It’s my new year's resolution, get thoughtful gifts. But now,  it’s the Saturday before Father’s Day and I’ve got no time left and even less money.  

What can I do for my old school dad?  When I say old school, I'm saying, he irons his t-shirts, he pays his bills in the store, he's kept the same Janet Jackson poster up since the 90's, he still listens to cassette and watches VHS. . . Old school like that!  Alright, so the Father's Day gift. I need to come up with something good!

To get ideas, I go where anyone in my position would go . . . Google!  After a few minutes on the web, it hits me.  DIY, yes, and DIY with what I’ve already got.  I don’t have much, but I do have some office stuff in my backpack. Let’s see what I can make with that!

 What I’m working with:

I’ve got some old school stuff here. A copy of a James Baldwin book, some playing cards. He's always playing cards with some folks! I've got blank greeting cards, stickers for my after school program kids and  scissors (YES!) I've got plenty of stuff, I’m going in y’all!!

The final result:

Had to go with a handmade card, but talk about thoughtful! Ace cause, you know my dad is #1!  Some deep quotes from that Baldwin text! The old school boombox and peace sign are the perfect stickers to pull it all together!  Whew! Just when I was about to go to Walgreen’s again!

 What are you doing for Father’s Day?? Drop us a comment below . . .

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 Happy Father's Day Fam!