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2013. What to Expect in Technology

Technology is trending fast and advancing beyond what most of us thought ever imaginable. But luckily, there are innovative minds all over the world working to bring the latest technologies to our very own hands. So this year brought the rise of tablet computing and smartphones. What will 2013 have to offer?

Faster Networking

3G networking has only just been implemented mainstream, but this is not fast enough according to consumers. We want faster networks, and 4G speeds are set to go in 2013. We can expect to see improvements not only in speed but also in range, roaming and bandwidth management. What does this mean though? Really, this just improves what we already have. HD streaming will be available with less lag and delay, and loading times will be vastly improved for network content. It seams that streaming media and cloud networking set for the near future, so 4G speeds are a must. The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3 are the two top competing smartphones of 2012, both implementing 4G networking. However, issues have arisen with battery life and connectivity/signal strength. To combat this, updated models are expected to be released, including the iPhone 5S, only months after the release of the original iPhone 5. This new update will hopefully address battery and signal issues.

Tablets Go Mainstream


Windows 8 tablets will see more powerful tablet computers that bring in external keyboards for maximum productivity. Expect bigger, brighter, sharper screens and more memory, as well as Quad core processors and 2GB of ram or more. Tablet computing is becoming mainstream, and now demands more powerful hardware.All the buzz this year has been on smartphones and their friendly counterparts, tablet computers. From the Apple iPad to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a whole heap of tablets were released this year. But what about 2013? Well, we can expect Apple to roll out some pretty impressive updates. The new iPad already has 4G speeds, so what will apple bring to the table next? The Apple iPad Mini has been released. But Apple isn’t the only one in this market. Microsoft is set to release a whole new range of Windows 8 tablets featuring the amazing Metro Touch interface. And Android tablets are set to boast some great new features with the release of Android 4.1 Jellybean.

Cloud Computing and Gaming

Apple has already released Airplay, which allows you to stream games wirelessly to your HDTV. But manufacturers and programmers are looking to take it one step further and allow you to move away from game consoles and onto cloud computing and gaming. Could we see a new game network in 2013? And what about the PS3 and XBOX. Both are set to be updated, and will feature the same graphics card. This means more streamlined games available on both platforms. Furthermore, Nintendo has released the Wii U, and the Google and Apple application stores are booming with new games including huge releases like Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The full game can now be downloaded on both app stores. Could we expect gaming to move into the tablet market? This might be inevitable with the increasing performance of tablet computers.

Improvements in 3D

With theupcoming new Playstation and Xbox, 3D TV and Gaming is set to get a nice boost with improvements in 3D technology rapidly developing. We can expect more 3D televisions with better quality projections and innovative new designs. Electronics giant Phillis has announced its aim to launch glasses free 3DTVs by 2013. Not to mention, as time goes by, 3D technology will decrease in price so expect to see a drop in the price of 3D HDTVs from this year.

Internet TV

3DTV isn’t the only buzz surrounding television at the moment. A lot of companies are coming out with internet television platforms that allow you to interact with your television by browsing the internet, playing games, through social media and so on. But can they compete with what Apple is bringing to the table with the Apple TV? And what of the Apple TV itself? Apple is expected to roll out more much needed updates to the Apple TV, possibly implementing iOS app compatibility!