A note to all FATHERS now and to come..

How many times have you seen other fathers and their sons not speak to each other for months? Years? Also, of those people how many times was the reason(s) for the lack of communication due the father not letting the son express his thoughts? How many times was it due to the father not being able to cope with the son's individuality, i.e. the son's need to be "his own man"? Have you done this yourself?

Those simple questions have been given complex answers by many of us that have sons, yet the problems that arive have destroyed many relationships between fathers and their sons. The sad truth is that there was really no need to go through that hardship at all! Would you like to know why?

Well as the father you are primary example of what a man is. You are his teacher and trainer into manhood. He is constantly looking to you for guidance on how to act, think, and speak. Well, by using these 3 little known secrets you can either inhance your relationship with your son or they will serve as a reminder for you.

· Encouraging them to be problem solvers.

· Allow them to make mistakes, not errors.

· Don't try to relive your youth through them.

 By Anthony Willis