Make Your Kid Feel Secure 
As a father, it is the most important part of your parenthood to make your kid feel secure. Assure that he feels secure about his life and future and understands that you are always with him in his problems and necessities. Also, make sure that your kid doesn't develop any kind of threat from anything or anyone around.

Ensure 24x7 availability 
Though you will need to be on your toes 24 hours, make sure you are available for your kid in every necessity. Assure that you will be available for him if he has difficulty in some terminal examination or even when he has a fight with his best friend. Be by his bed side when he is ill and do not miss to attend the Parents- Teacher meet.

Discuss Life with Him/Her
Discuss life with him; make him know that life is a little different for both of you than other people- but the difference is of course healthy and good. Do not keep him in illusionary world but do not even be a harsh explainer. Tell him everybody's life is special and the same is applicable for your life. Ask him if he is confused about anything or wants your opinion, be gentle in the way you teach him life's practicalities.

Bid a Good Bye to Bad Habits 
As a single father, you obviously miss the own space, so whatever you do is completely exposed to your kid. Avoid smoking, drinking, betting, slang or any such habit you have if you want to be an ideal hero in front of your kid.

Never Be Critical About Relationships
Though you may have very harsh experiences from your relationships in life, never nurture hard feelings inside your kid about relations. Never criticize or abuse his/her mom in front of her and make him understand that though certain relation may not work properly, it never means some one is bad or wrong. Let him grow with a healthy mind set.

Understand Your Kids Necessities
Your kid's necessity can vary with time and age. Try to understand his issues. Do not show disinterest even if the issues are minor. Your attention will make him feel confident.

Share Hobbies
There is nothing better if you naturally share some hobby but even if you do not, try to love something your kid adores. Enjoy photography; painting or trekking together, this will help you come closer.

Tell Everything About Your Work and Social Life
Do not make him ponder about what you do and where you live whole day. Assure that you clearly explain him about your work culture, your work profile and people you live with. Introduce to him your social circle.