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Top 5 Adult Costumes for 2011

The 2011 Halloween season is nearly upon us, and it is the time to get your adult costumes ready for their big debut. Every Halloween season brings forward different themes, popular trends, and evolving costume styles. To help you achieve the best look for this year’s Halloween, we have gathered up the top five adult costumes of the season.

Superheroes: If there is one thing that 2011 is known for, it is its plethora of superhero movies. Green Lantern, Captain America, Thor, and so many more adult superhero costumes have appeared on the silver screen. All of these superheroes are now yours to enjoy for the Halloween season. Not only are all of these superhero costumes iconic and easily recognized, but they are also affordable and detailed. No one will be wondering, “Who are you supposed to be?”

The Walking Dead: Halloween loves nothing more than zombie television shows, especially one as amazing as The Walking Dead. While The Walking Dead story originally started in the graphic novel world, it transitioned nicely into the world of film, and the show is due to come back for a second season. Utilize these grotesque masks and costumes to capture the intensity of the television show. Plus, everyone enjoys zombies.

Harry Potter: The last of the Harry Potter movies passed only months before Halloween, but the astonishment of this unique story is sure to keep people entertained for years. Bring out your passion of the Harry Potter series with our line of Harry Potter costumes, then see how many muggles stare in astonishment of your wizarding ways. From the wands to the wizard clothes, everything is here to help you achieve a deeper immersion into the world of Harry Potter.

Lady Gaga: The intensity of Lady Gaga costumes make them ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a wild Halloween experience. Her personality seeps into her fashion, which seek to further enhance her presence. All of these factors combine into your Halloween costume, creating an intensely unique Halloween costume. Whether you want to party like a rock star or trick-or-treat in true pop fashion, Lady Gaga adult costumes are perfect for your Halloween experience.

Star Wars: Even the epic story of Harry Potter cannot compete with the timeless classic of Star Wars costumes, and now you can bring the science fiction films straight into your Halloween. These Star Wars adult costumes range from the original three movies to the latest animated series, including everything in between.