10 Best Places to Go on a Date

By eDiets Staff

While getting the nerve up to ask someone on a date can be difficult, finding the right place to take them can cause the strongest stomach to turn in nerve-racking agony.

How much should you spend? What kind of things will he or she enjoy? What do you wear? What time should you meet? Should it be somewhere fancy or casual? Planning a date can be extremely stressful, especially when you are set on making a good impression.

Fortunately, the key to a successful date does not lie in knowing these answers but in creating the right opportunity to find them out. A successful date is one in which you get to know each other without putting a great deal of stress on the fact that you are both there to get to know each other. A three-hour date with a movie that lasts two and a half-hours is not a good way to get acquainted. However, neither is going to a restaurant and staring at each other with nothing to say.

A good idea is to start off at a coffee shop and always have a back up plan in case it’s not going the way you’d like. Tell a friend that you are going on a date and ask them to call you. If you need to get out of it, make the phone call your ticket out. If you guys hit it off, then it’s time to get things rolling. Either go straight from there or ask to meet up later that night.

A perfect date is usually one in which you and your date can show off just how imperfect you are and simplyhave fun. The best way to take the pressure off is to put the spotlight into a fun activity. Check out the top ten best places to go on a date.

1. The Park: You can bring a Frisbee, have a picnic or just simply take a stroll. Try finding a spot that shows off a nice view ahead of time. On your walk, tell your date you want them to see this beautiful view.

2. Zoo: Monkey around and have fun at the zoo. Let the animals lead the way and give you plenty to talk about and see. The zoo is a great place to learn about each other and the world around you.

3. Dinner Theater: Instead of having to keep thinking of things to say during dinner, enjoy the entertainment and then talk during intermissions. The entertainment will give you plenty to talk about to keep the night flowing.

4. Get cooking: Sizzle it up at a cooking class. This is a fun and sexy way to have dinner with your date and get to know each other.

5. Concert: Let the music take the front seat and liven things up at a concert. Concerts are great to let loose,dance, sing and have a good time together. Put on your dancing shoes and get close to your date without having to make the awkward first move. Dancing is one of the most romantic things to do on a date. Slow songs will let you move in close and fast songs will help you let loose and have fun.

6. Dance: Put on your dancing shoes and get close to your date without having to make the awkward first move. Dancing is one of the most romantic things to do on a date. Slow songs will let you move in close and fast songs will help you let loose and have fun.

7. Museums: A beautiful painting makes for a beautiful night. Art museums and gallery walks are fun, interesting and can be very romantic.

8. Exercise: Play tennis, go sailing, canoeing or take a swing at golf. Physical activities like these are great ice breakers and they are super fun. Just remember it’s a date not a competition.

9. Sporting Events: Catch a great conversation and hit a home run with sports. Cheer, talk and have fun together while the game takes the pressure off.

10. Theatre or Show: Broadway shows are great, but there are also great local theatres in every community. You can also check you local guide for interesting shows.

Break Up Quotes

Coping With Separation With These Break Up Quotes

By , About.com Guide

Break up is a sad loss. It shatters lives. But is a break up bad? If the circumstances before the break up were intolerable, then the break up may actually be good for the couple. It is better to break up with an abusive partner than to continue living with the torture. Of course, you will still have trouble coping with the loss. But it is time to move on. Read these break up quotes to help you find your feet. With these break up quotes, you can muster your strength to face new challenges.

Grant Gudmundson
Love is unconditional, relationships are not.

John Greenleaf Whittier
For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been."

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

Victoria Holt
Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.

Larry Miller
I broke up with someone, and she said, "You'll never find anyone like me again." And I'm thinking, 'I hope not!' Does anybody end a bad relationship and say, "By the way, do you have a twin?"

I ne'er can love another
As long as life may stand.
No maid the wide world over
Shall hold this heart or hand.

Oscar Wilde
The heart was made to be broken.

Margaret Mitchell
I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken, and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken pieces as long as I lived.

Kahlil Gibran
Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Robert Frost
Families break up when people take hints you don't intend and miss hints you do intend.

David Pratt
Friends will keep you sane
Love could fill your heart
A lover can warm your bed
But lonely is the soul
Without a mate.

Kahlil Gibran
Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

Nicole Kidman
I refuse to let what happened to me make me bitter. I still completely believe in love and I'm open to anything that will happen to me.

Dennis Quaid
When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. It's like death.

Breaking up is a natural evolution when you try to figure out what you want in life. If you're with an individual who isn't moving in the same direction and at the same rate that you are, it ain't going to work.

Alexander Graham Bell
When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

Rita Mero
I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens to you for a reason. The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person.

Nicole Kidman
I'm not sure what the future holds but I do know that I'm going to be positive and not wake up feeling desperate. As my dad said "Nic, it is what it is, it's not what it should have been, not what it could have been, it is what it is."

Wizard of Oz
Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.

Winning the Libra Man

By , About.com Guide

The Libra man loves to pair up, and that's why he's often one half of a notable duo. The two halves merge into a harmonious One, or at least that's the romantic ideal. When smitten, the Lover of the Zodiac wants to be together all the time, and finds partnership very natural. He's a serial monogamist. He's got an instinct for playing off others, in a pleasing way, and this makes him easy to be with. He makes friends easily, but his true desires in relationship take time to discover.

The Libra man finds himself by closely observing what's mirrored back to him in relationships. How he responds to you, depends on how you're responding to him. From the outset, if the vibe isn't there, it'll likely not get past the light friendship stage. To pique his interest, find out what he's fascinated by, and start conversations about that. Plan first dates in stimulating settings, with a lot to talk about -- museums, cultural centers, festivals.

He's an air sign, so a key to knowing if it's a match, is discovering his mind. Being on the same wavelength, in terms of preoccupations, is what creates the foundation. His leanings are toward refined living, and he's likely a bit of a metrosexual. You score points when you show that you appreciate his artful eye. This might be complimenting his home decor or clean and upscale man-style. He's Venus-ruled, and knows how to evoke a light, luxurious mood to relax and be sultry in. If you're receptive to his generous moves, he'll keep it up with the romance.

He's attracted to a mate that compliments him in every way, including aesthetically. You gotta look good together, in other words. If you're put together, healthy, sophisticated, mentally bright, socially curious, fair-minded -- these are things he values, and looks for. Libra loves love, and it's interesting to note that many born under this sign find each other. If Libra likes its reflection (in you), and finds room there for growth, it's a divine match of incredible twosome synchronicity.

To win the Libra man, don't stoop to a gossipy or lowbrow attitude. He can't handle a lot of confrontation, and could be continually flustered by a strong-willed partner. He's not particularly direct, since there's a beat in-between, as he's sizing up a situation. If he's thrown off balance too much, by an impatient date, he'll start to get surly. He's looking for closeness, but needs that mental space to do his thing, before taking action. The right partner gets this, and respects him enough not to take advantage in the pregnant pauses.

Unless he's head over hills, it may be hard to trust the Libra man's sincerity. That's because he's charming and charmed by each dazzling possibility in his orbit. He's reluctant to be claimed, wanting to stay open to the best life has to offer. But once he's found his "other half," his focus turns in to the relationship itself. He's a steady anchor for a long term pairing, always looking for ways to make it better.

Love Match: Cancer and Leo


By , About.com Guide

Cardinal Water (Cancer) and Fixed Fire (Leo)
Cancer and Leo both have a playful attitude and desire for an epic, enduring romance. These two are neighbors on the zodiacal wheel, and depending on the degree of their Sun, share many of the same cosmic energies. Dates might include favorite activities from childhood, like swinging and sliding in the playground. Cancer has a harder time with big crowds than Leo, who doesn't mind showy spectacles. Leo likes romantic gestures, and Cancer knows how and when to show sincere affection. They both like to kiss and cuddle, and don't mind showing the world their good thing. Holidays will be huge for this pair, each trying to outdo the other to make it the best ever! Both are sentimental, giving their romance a sense of story, with souvenirs, pictures and trinkets that represent their love.


Cancer wants to feel emotionally secure, but if Leo is arrogant, that leaves the Crab wondering if they're worthy. Leo wants to feel proud of their mate, and won't have patience for the Crab's moments of panicking in public, and being overwhelmed by insecurity. This situation worsens if Leo grows disdainful, which Cancer picks up immediately. Leo has the comic gifts to lighten Cancer's dark moods, but won't want this to be a full time job. A strong Cancer accepts the posturing of the proud Lion, and will grow from basking in the Leo self-confidence.

Leo and Cancer handle emotions differently, and seek different kinds of attention. Leo may not be able to reassure the sensitive moonchild. If the Crab gets too needy, Leo will lose respect. Cancer will likely intuit the Leo need for approval, but grow resentful if it feels too one-sided. If this isn't overcome, neither may feel like their true needs are getting met. The money issue could be a sticking point, since Leo is a big spender and Cancer a spendthrift. But as players and artists, they have a lot to offer eachother, and could create magic through creative collaboration. If they stay on the sunny side of life, this relationship could be one that lasts.

Famous Couples: Dan Ackyroyd (Leo) and Donna Dixon (Cancer); Jennifer Flavin (Leo) and Sylvester Stallone (Cancer); Mary Louise Parker (Leo) and Billy Crudup (Cancer); Roman Polanski (Leo) and Emmanuelle Seigner (Cancer); Edward Norton (Leo) and Courtney Love (Cancer)

Top Black Friday shopping tips

-- Make a list and stick to it

If you really want to save money, make a list of exactly what you need. Every time you get distracted by a fabulous discount on something you've got no use for, you're wasting valuable shopping time. Sure, you save money -- on something you never needed in the first place.

-- Throw out all your old shopping strategies

The sales are already on. Black Friday lasts the whole weekend now and pretty much all the way through to Christmas. The Internet has brought us a completely new way to find the best deals on everything we need. So before you chug a vat of coffee to stay up and shop the midnight Black Friday sales, make sure you know all of your options. You can probably find the same great deals online.

-- Get hip to shipping

Before you complete your order, think about where those online gifts you're buying are going to end up. If you're shopping for your parents and heading to their house on Christmas day, ship the presents direct. Most sites offer inexpensive gift wrapping options, the delivery companies really step up their game this time of year, and bottom line -- you won't have to worry about hauling bulky gifts onto the plane.

-- Get organized

Make sure all of your coupons are lined up and ready to go. And take some "green" along. When the credit card system goes down and the mall ATM runs out of money, cash will be king!

-- Take a buddy

Of course, it's fun to shop with friends and family, but we're being practical here: When you shop together, you can split up and each go grab a bargain in a different part of the store. Just make sure you all have cell phones, so you can coordinate. (Smartphones are better because they let you use apps to check pricing and deals in competing stores throughout the day.)

-- Research the doorbusters

If you're going after the biggest and the best deals -- the doorbusters, as they're called -- make sure you do your homework. Check the leaked ads, as they'll often tell you how many of each item will be in the store. You should also find out in advance how each retailer allocates its doorbusters to the line outside the store -- sometimes by ticket, sometimes at random, and sometimes (worst of all) by just letting it be a free-for-all when the store open.

-- Dress for success

Sounds crazy, but what you wear will affect your shopping performance. You're going to be on your feet all day, so comfortable shoes are essential -- and dress in layers.

-- Don't be a basket case

You need flexibility and mobility to get from department to department as fast as you can. Consider bringing along a few big reusable shopping bags. If your first purchase is something big, have a plan for what you're going to do with it (i.e. have someone carry it out to the parking lot or arrange to pick it up later).

-- Ask questions and bring snacks

The busiest shopping days of the year can also be some of the most stressful. Only the rookies end up in the food court during the madness, so bring your own. A bite of something sweet and a sip of juice might turn out to be all that stands between you and another couple of hours of bargain hunting.

Taken from  http://yourlife.usatoday.com/your-look/story/2011-11-24/Top-Black-Friday-shopping-tips/51369914/1

Sagittarius: Love and Relationships

You are known for impetuosity—your mood varies from day to day, and this complicates love relationships. Although your opportunities are ample, due to your popular outgoing nature, the successful long-term relationship is quite difficult for you until you settle into middle age or so.

Your ideal mate is likely to be either Gemini (although since both of you are prone to "sample" partners in life, it's rarely a stable match), or one of your fire-sign relatives, Aries and Leo. Although at first the latter pairings may seem unlikely, due to the natural tendency of fire signs to lead, they are both compatible with you because of their innate understanding of your passions and interests.

You don't have many enemies, but in close relationships, conflicts will arise between you and Taurus (who is too possessive, and who would want to limit your freedom), Cancer (similarly, too rooted in family stability for your tastes), Virgo (too critical of you, and your pride will not stand for that), Scorpio (although physically compatible, there is too much distrust and competition for dominance on both sides), and Capricorn (too pessimistic for you). 


Taken from internet:http://www.astrologyweekly.com/sun-signs/sagittarius-love-relationships.php

2012 Horoscope: Sagittarius

2012 Sagittarius Horoscope - Based on Moon Sign

2012 brings in promise and progress. New ideas and cerebral approach to matters will bring in much progress this year. You will be at your creative best till May 2012 and thereafter dynamic activity and progress will bring in a high level of growth in career. Some blocks in career due to ego hassles between May & July possible. Avoid conflict & controversy.

Income will rise and very good period for socializing and new friendships possible.

Unexpected and unwanted expenses will continue. Avoid taking up or encouraging new overheads.

Health & relationships could see issues around the end of the year.

Aries in Relationships

Aries romance is a dynamic force. With Mars as your ruling planet, how could it be otherwise? Male and female Aries in relationships are equally passionate, and romantic adventure is one of your life missions.

In love, you go after what your heart desires. Mostly, you are the one who does the pursuing - and you will not take no for an answer. You will send roses, give lavish gifts and almost always get your way. Ironically, the way to maintain your interest is to playsomewhat 'hard to get'. Some people may feel more than a little intimidated by your full-on approach, but you win them over with your charm, honesty and winning smile. You may act like a veritable Casanova, but once you give your heart to someone, you give it totally.

You wear your heart on your sleeve and seek true love. If truth be told, you thrive on lust a lot more than romance. But deep down you are looking for that one special person to win your heart. You're capable of great devotion, but your partner needs to thrill you with physical and mental stimulaton over the long term.

You're independent and need your own space. Sometimes you confuse your love interests by drawing close with one hand and pushing away with the other. You're most drawn to a partner who is warm, loving and caring, but independent enough not to tolerate too much of your nonsense.

Love and romance soften your rough edges and soothe your soul. It's all part of the great adventure that is your life.

Make sure to read more about Aries lovers for more on Aries romance. We also have an Aries love horoscope for you to enjoy.

Best Christmas Jobs For Extra Cash

Oct 7th, 2010 | Written by tc

Best Christmas Jobs

There are a lot of Christmas jobsavailable around the holiday season that may interest you if you are trying to earn some extra cash. Christmas is one of the most expensive holidays of the year and people everywhere are looking for any extra income they can get to help pay for all of the gifts they are giving. There are obvious jobs such as dressing up like Santa or being one of Santa’s helpers, but these jobs are not fit for everyone. However, there are jobs that almost anyone can do which you will want to think about if you want to earn some extra money for the holidays.

Popular Christmas Jobs

One of the most popular jobs is one giving Christmas greetings at department stores. This is where you would stand by the entrance of the store and welcome shoppers who are coming in to buy gifts. You might also be in charge of handing out coupons or promotional materials that the store wants to give to their customers. This job requires standing for long periods of time, a pleasant attitude, and other things that make customers feel welcome. Salary requirements will vary by store but most of the time you can expect to be paid minimum wage. This is one job that a lot of people seek when they are trying to find some extra income at Christmas.

There are a lot of other Christmas jobs available that you might be interested in doing. Not every job requires you to dress up in an elf costume or be a jolly Santa Claus. Make sure to check websites, newspapers, and other sources as the holidays near to see what listings are being placed.

Best Christmas Jobs

Once you find the job that you are interested in make sure to apply for it early because there will be several others who are trying to fill the position as well. The best Christmas job you will find will be one that you really like, so don’t just take the first one you see but select one that you will also enjoy and then, that way, you will get the most out of it.


Info from theoriginalsource.com

Top 10 Male Body Parts Women Love

Every man is dying to know what male body parts turn women on the most. Well, guess what? I surveyed over 100 women and asked them that very question. Not only did their replies blow me away, but I quickly came to the realization that I need to get my sorry butt into the gym on a more permanent basis.

Although the question revolved solely around body parts, women had some things to add regarding the parts they selected. Whether it had to do with proper hygiene or grooming, the women were not shy about their demands. And we all know how supply and demand go hand-in-hand.

ten parts of men

The following list is made up of the most popular selections in specific order from what's fine and dandy to the very best. Take note and learn how to keep your woman happy.

10- Sharply shaped shoulders

Of the 100 women surveyed, a vast majority had a lot to say about shoulders. They like it when a man has well-defined, broad shoulders because they're a sign of strength and masculinity.

One woman wrote, "I love when a man moves his shoulders and you're able to see the (muscle) definition." Another gal added, "Running my fingers across broad, lean ones excites me immeasurably. That's why I love giving my boyfriend massages in this area." So it's time to get to work at the gym, and as the list goes on, you'll quickly come to the same realization yourself.

9- Chiseled chest

All men love a nice pair of breasts -- real or fake. As long as they look good, we're not complaining. Well, women have the same requirements (minus that whole fake thing though).

Perfect pecs are part of the whole image women have conjured up in their fantasy-filled daydreams. Most ladies said that they like being able to envision what a man's chest looks like under his clothes. The way a sweater or chemise falls on a man's body, they profess, reveals a lot about what's under there.

How fair is that? They get to have those push-up, water-filled, padded bras that create a complete illusion of what's really under there. And what do we have? I think Seinfeld 's Kramer was on the right track with the man's bra -- or should I say The Bro ?

8- Bulging biceps

Come on... you knew it was coming. Big, well-defined biceps don't just signify strength, they also reveal that you're taking good care of your body. And if there's one thing women love, it's a man who takes care of things.

As with the chest, women love when they're able to get a hint of a man's biceps either through his sweater or when he wears a T-shirt and they can see the start of the rippling muscle (their words, not mine).

It also doesn't hurt when guys are able to lift them up and maneuver their bodies effortlessly when they're engaging in crazy "slam you up against the wall" sex. So I guess that mom was just kidding all those times she told us that it's what's on the inside that counts. Real funny.

7- Luscious lips

Oh my, what big ass lips you have! That's right guys; we're not the only ones who long for Angelina Jolie-like lips. Women like full mouths on men not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for those more intimate things we can do with them.

One woman wrote, "I love to suck on a man's thick lips until they're swollen and then I like to rub ice on them while I kiss them." Yeah, I like to do that to lips too, just not the ones she's referring to.

But women were very diverse in the lip department. Some liked only thick bottom lips and some even preferred thinner lips. Perhaps that's because they all prefer the...

6- Tantalizing tongue

If there's one talent that women appreciate immensely, it's a man's ability to use his tongue as though it were a saliva-producing penis with an attitude. Lots of women were quick to point out that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, but that is highly debatable.

Although some women chose the tongue for those intimate kissing sessions, most specified that it was because they enjoyed being kissed "down there." Down where? Can u lingis?

Everything from using the tip of your tongue to tease the clitoris to using your entire tongue to lick the vagina from top to bottom was mentioned here. Even penetrating her with it was quite popular. I notice that upon this subject, the ladies' writing began getting somewhat shaky. Hmm, I wonder why?

5- Hygienic hands

"One thing I love about my boyfriend are his big, thick, clean hands." Until I heard the word hands , I could've sworn that she was talking about something else. Actually the word "clean" threw me off somewhat. Do most men have filthy hands?

Another surveyed woman mentioned that a man's hands say a lot about him. Come on , I thought, that's just a myth . But she was referring to other things like what he does for a living and what he emits about himself to the world.

A more interesting woman stated that she loves sucking on a man's fingers and mimicking fellatio. So keep those hands in tiptop shape; you never who might want to wrap their mouth around those fingers.

Read more: http://www.askmen.com/dating/love_tip/41b_love_tip.html#ixzz1cqZjvGsA

4- Honed hips

Whereas in this day and age, the smaller a woman's hips the better, surprisingly enough, women also like holding on to our hips when having sex. They love the fact that our hips are narrow. I think they're just jealous.

"I find that hollow area under the ribs that ends above the hipbones irresistible. A woman's hands belong there." I couldn't agree more.

3- Awesome abs

It's absolutely no surprise that women love that washboard stomach. The ripples are the epitome of what a man is defined by. Men should strive for that six-pack, and no, I'm not referring to Budweiser.

Some women didn't necessarily require rock hard abs, but a flat stomach was important just the same. "No woman wants to have sex with a man who has to physically lift his belly in order to put it in." Wow, I never knew that that was possible!

Women do have a point though. I'm not rushing to hop into bed with any woman whose stomach jiggles and is loose, so why should they? Taut tummies are a prerequisite in the bedroom, so like I said before: hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the gym we go...

2- Primped Groin Area

But more importantly, a lot of women mentioned that a properly groomed groin area was very important. "I don't like spitting out curly, coarse hair when I'm in the middle of a fellatio marathon." So break out the razors, wax and depilatories, it's time to make a forest clearing.

1- Buff butt

I guess the one thing this survey goes to show is that women are not that much different from men. Then again, I don't think they're as big on slapping our butts as we are with theirs.

Some women wrote that they love those "half-moon" butts, while others preferred the "slightly curvaceous" ones. "It's usually the athletic guys that have the nicest butts... oh and Brad Pitt." Some chick was bound to throw that one in.

whoomp! there it is

Well there it is. The top ten male body parts that women love sinking their teeth into, except for number two, of course. Will men agree with this list? Probably. Will they run to the nearest gym? Hopefully. Will they feel objectified? Bloody unlikely.

Until next time, run up to the gym and work it out.

Read more: http://www.askmen.com/dating/love_tip/41b_love_tip.html#ixzz1cqZDxyvr



Aries General Overview 2011

Full speed ahead! 2011 is a year to seize opportunities, expand in exciting new directions and make energizing changes.

Full speed ahead! 2011 is a year to seize opportunities, expand in new directions and make energizing changes. The excitement kicks in on January 22nd, when giant Jupiter -- planet of abundance, confidence and growth -- moves into your sign. You got a taste of this influence last year, from June 6th to September 9th. What was happening during that time will give you a sense of what's ready to come into form this year. Jupiter increases your faith in yourself and your innate courage, and urges you to aim high and go for the gold. Jupiter will be in Aries until June 4th. But your year really gets cooking on March 11th, when revolutionary Uranus, the Great Awakener, reenters Aries. After a brief preview of this influence from May 27th to August 13th last year, the planet of sudden change and surprises is now settling into your sign for the next seven years, shaking up your reality and opening you to exciting new possibilities. Experimentation, flexibility, and a willingness to go with the flow are your allies. The potential of this rare influence is to free you from old, self-limiting ways of being and catapult you into a more liberating life. April 3rd is a major power day. The annual Aries New Moon coincides with the meet-up of dynamic Mars, your ruling planet, with electric Uranus. Inspiration is high, and if you can direct this fiery energy toward your goals, you'll be unstoppable.

Aries Love and Romance Horoscope 2011

A relationship could come to a head on March 28th. Determine whether to continue working through issues, or if it's better to move on.

With both giant Jupiter and exciting Uranus in your sign this year, you may be more self-absorbed than usual. Uranus stirs up your desire for freedom and independence, and you may have less patience for compromise. Be aware that significant others could feel threatened by or resistant to the intense changes you're going through. Watch out for being overly willful or self-righteous, and be patient with giving people time to adjust to your expansion. Meanwhile, serious Saturn, planet of commitment and responsibility, continues moving through your 7th House of Partnership, until October 2012. It's possible that your partner, or someone new you attract into your life, could play "the heavy," pressing you to settle down or making insistent demands. Take your time to figure out what you really want from your relationships, and be willing to negotiate. There's a chance to build a lasting connection this year, but if the potential isn't there, it's time to cut your losses and move on. A relationship could come to a head on March 28th, when generous Jupiter in your 1st House of Self opposes restrictive Saturn in your relationship sector. This could be a major turning point, when you determine whether to continue working through issues with a special someone, or if it's better to go separate ways. If you're still undecided, more illumination is available at the Libra Full Moon on April 17th. Balancing your growing desire for independence with your need for committed and meaningful relationship is your challenge this year.

Aries Career and Money Horoscope 2011

Deep changes are brewing in your work life. If you're feeling dissatisfied, consider how to bring more of your passion into the world.

Deep changes are brewing in your professional life, and cooperation is a better strategy than resistance. Transformational Pluto, the principle of rebirth, continues his journey through your 10th House of Career. On January 4th, a potent New Moon Solar Eclipse in this sector amps up the intensity, and could inspire both a major ending and beginning. If you've been feeling dissatisfied at work, consider how you can make a change to bring more of your passion out into the world. Conflict with your boss could mean that you're ready to take on more authority and utilize your leadership skills in a bigger way. Since generous Jupiter is on your side for the first half of the year, enhancing your confidence and courage, this could be a good time to make your move. When Jupiter leaves your sign on June 4th, he moves into sensible Taurus and your 2nd House of Resources, opening opportunities to expand your financial base over the next year. A cautious and conservative approach will work best, especially from August 30th to December 25th, when Jupiter will be Retrograde. You might need to tighten your belt during this time, but trust that temporary self-restraint will pay off in lasting rewards. Jupiter's harmonious trine with powerful Pluto on July 7th and October 28th suggests that changes in your work life will pay off in financial benefits. When this aspect repeats in March 2012, your hard work is likely to come to fruition.


info from : http://www.astrosource.com/horoscope/2011-horoscopes/aries.aspx

Best Part Time Jobs for College Students

Today, students do not only need to obtain good grades in college, but they should also have some prior real world experience to help them in their professional career later. Employers are searching for candidates who are already trained in the basics of a specific job. There are multiple best part time job opportunities for students. Below, we discuss about some of the best jobs for college students in terms of pay, work around class schedules and career benefit. And, these student jobs are definitely going to look good on a candidate's resume.


On Campus IT Support Job
Colleges search for tech savvy students who can do IT field related work. Along with continuing with their education, students can take up technological services work in the college campus itself. Those who are pursuing a relevant degree in the IT field can immensely benefit from the job. Job responsibilities may include assisting students and teachers in solving technical problems, installing computer systems and other related work. No doubt, on campus IT support jobs happen to be one of the best jobs for students. The best part is that tech support jobs or IT support jobs also offer decent pay to students.


Lab Assistant
If you seeking a career in the field of laboratory sciences, there can be no better option that taking up the lab assistant job at the college. These types of student jobs are available both on campus and off campus. While joining this job, students would need to work in the college research laboratory. Since employers like research experience, students can find the job experience quite useful.


College Library Jobs
Have you ever considered doing a job in the college library? Well, maximum number of students overlooks this job. In fact, these jobs are quite flexible and offer nice work environment. College library jobs require students to do work including checking out/ handing books, interlibrary loan management, and library search system data entry among others. The job is a good option for candidates pursuing a degree or seeking a career in library sciences.


College Gym Jobs
Students can also look for part time job opportunities at the college gym. While working in the gym, students would need to serve at the gym counter, manage the gym equipment and assisting those who train and practice at the gym. If you can also take aerobics classes, the college gym job is definitely going to be one of the best part-time and well paid jobs for you.


House sitting/ Babysitting Jobs for Professors
Yet another wonderful part time job opportunity for students is working for college professors. Professors at the college campus always require people to take care of their kids and pets. Though you may not get a decent pat while working for a professor, you certainly develop a professional connection that can bring you good business and work opportunities. In addition, a recommendation from the professor you work for can also help a lot in your future career.


Dorm Desk Attendant Jobs
Students who are looking for on-the-campus part time work opportunities can get a job as a dorm desk attendant. Working hours are flexible and the job is not quite hectic. However, dorm desk attendants are accountable for the security of students. The job offers decent pay too.


Academic Department Clerical Work
College academic departments also offer part time jobs to students due to excessive workload. When the work pressure increases, secretaries find it hard to handle the large amount of work. Students are, therefore, hired to work part time. While doing the job, students need to handle tasks including journal submissions, faculty meeting notes, handouts for the class, journal articles etc.


Home Health Aide Jobs
It is a good part time job option for candidates pursuing a career in healthcare. Functioning as a home health aide, students would be working with the elderly helping them take medications and do exercises. This patient care experience can bring good benefits if you are looking for home health aide jobs in healthcare facilities.


Bank Teller Jobs
College students can also take up a bank teller's job for part time work. The job happens to be flexible and provides candidates with customer service experience. It is one of the best job opportunities if you are looking to acquire good communication skills.


A word of advice to college students is that they should select or go for a job option which is relevant to their career path or future career. And there are multiple part time job opportunities for college students to choose from.


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Career Test  Career Assessment, Personality and Aptitude Tests by Job Diagnosis

Scorpio Love Tips

When dating Scorpio, don't forget that no two are alike. For more on how Scorpio loves, look at the Venus and Mars signs. For more on the deeper emotional nature, look to the Moon sign.


  • Don't tell lies to impress, since you WILL be found out.
  • Don't ask too many personal questions in the beginning.
  • Don't give away your power, as that's a sure way to lose respect.
  • Check your motives for getting together. If they involve using Scorpio in any way, better think twice.
  • Don't try to boss Scorpio around.
  • Don't underestimate their ability to get their way.
  • Don't try to compete with Scorpio.
  • Don't fall into self-pity or wallow in insecurity.
  • Don't assume you're a couple too soon.
  • Don't tell friends the intimate details of your relationship.
  • Don't post private things about Scorpio on Facebook.


  • Do dress seductively.
  • Pick places to eat or meet that seem like secret rendezvous points.
  • Do listen with sincere interest.
  • Share stories that have emotional substance.
  • Talk about your own passions.
  • Suggest going to see movies with a complex mystery in the plot.
  • Do display confidence in yourself.
  • Support Scorpio, but don't be patronizing or show pity.
  • Give thoughtful gifts based on something you remember hearing Scorpio say.
  • Plan a get-away where nobody knows where you are.
  • Cultivate a sense of private intimacy.

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Dating Advice for Women from Men

Dating Advice For Women

Advice #1: Men Hate Nagging
In my opinion, this is one of the most important dating advice for women from men. Studies say that women use nagging as a way to ensure that men get something done, while men don't do it simply, because they get terribly angry with the nagging and questioning. So the best advice here is to stop nagging! By simply hinting, once in a while, but fewer times overall, men will get the thing done and with minimum fuss and loss of energy on your side. More on dating advice for girls.

Advice #2: Men Hate Being Told What to Do
Because that's the way our brains have been programed since the Stone Age. Men have always taken their own decisions and any sort of inter-mediation or value addition has generally been frowned upon. For all that people may say about there being a woman behind every successful man, whispering advice in his ears, men hate listening. The better listeners among us may not mind, but generally view this value addition as nitpicking and terribly frustrating. More on dating advice and tips: online dating services.

Advice #3: Men Hate Women Who Ask Rhetorical Questions
I guess there are some questions men hate answering. Does this dress make me look fat? Why don't you understand me? You don't care about me these days... You don't love me anymore... All that sort of things. Men really, really hate listening to these things, because, well, we really have no answer to these questions apart from no, sorry, no and no respectively. So don't ask the sort of questions that really corner us. We do love you. Because if we didn't, we wouldn't be with you. Read on for more dating advice.

Advice #4: Men Like Being Pampered
Even more than women. A massage for you is equivalent to a nice 4 course home cooked dinner for us. Shopping for you is equivalent to you picking up the check for dinner once in a while. It's all about degrees. Whoever said that men do not need to be pampered is totally wrong. We too like the attention. We too like gifts.
Advice #5: Men Like Smart Women
Our relationship with the hot blond on the cover of Maxim or Vogue ends pretty much then and there. Men do like smart and independent women. Because lets face it, that curvy girl has really nothing much beyond her looks and a smarter one offers a lot more in terms of quality. Just, refrain from nagging and questioning! Read more on relationship advice for women.

Advice #6: Men Like Interesting Women
So when we sift through online dating profiles for women, we generally look for the humorous lot, the witty ones with a nice joke up their sleeve. So adding a touch of wit to your profile is one of the best online dating advice for women from men. Oh and one of the most important online dating tips for women: Add a good picture as well! Read on for more on online dating tips and tricks.

So this was all about dating advice for women from men. Reading men is a terribly easy task, which any woman with average intelligence can do. All you need to do is keep your eyes open!

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Published: 4/13/2010

Top 5 Adult Costumes for 2011

The 2011 Halloween season is nearly upon us, and it is the time to get your adult costumes ready for their big debut. Every Halloween season brings forward different themes, popular trends, and evolving costume styles. To help you achieve the best look for this year’s Halloween, we have gathered up the top five adult costumes of the season.

Superheroes: If there is one thing that 2011 is known for, it is its plethora of superhero movies. Green Lantern, Captain America, Thor, and so many more adult superhero costumes have appeared on the silver screen. All of these superheroes are now yours to enjoy for the Halloween season. Not only are all of these superhero costumes iconic and easily recognized, but they are also affordable and detailed. No one will be wondering, “Who are you supposed to be?”

The Walking Dead: Halloween loves nothing more than zombie television shows, especially one as amazing as The Walking Dead. While The Walking Dead story originally started in the graphic novel world, it transitioned nicely into the world of film, and the show is due to come back for a second season. Utilize these grotesque masks and costumes to capture the intensity of the television show. Plus, everyone enjoys zombies.

Harry Potter: The last of the Harry Potter movies passed only months before Halloween, but the astonishment of this unique story is sure to keep people entertained for years. Bring out your passion of the Harry Potter series with our line of Harry Potter costumes, then see how many muggles stare in astonishment of your wizarding ways. From the wands to the wizard clothes, everything is here to help you achieve a deeper immersion into the world of Harry Potter.

Lady Gaga: The intensity of Lady Gaga costumes make them ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a wild Halloween experience. Her personality seeps into her fashion, which seek to further enhance her presence. All of these factors combine into your Halloween costume, creating an intensely unique Halloween costume. Whether you want to party like a rock star or trick-or-treat in true pop fashion, Lady Gaga adult costumes are perfect for your Halloween experience.

Star Wars: Even the epic story of Harry Potter cannot compete with the timeless classic of Star Wars costumes, and now you can bring the science fiction films straight into your Halloween. These Star Wars adult costumes range from the original three movies to the latest animated series, including everything in between.

How to Keep a Pisces Woman in 2011

The Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is a woman of dreams. Logic rarely exists in her life as she dosen’t really understand it. Her favourite world is the one she has created herself in her own mind. She has a sweetness that is delightful and can warm up even the coldest heart. Not many people could refuse a Pisces woman, they are simply just too sweet. These women has a sixth sense, they just seem to know what’s coming next. Some people accuse these women of playing mind games, but mostly I believe that it is this extra sense, this added perception that is to blame for this. Pisces women are exceptionally sensitive and bring with this sensitivity an overwhelming kindness and care for others. They can’t bare to see others suffer and will always try and help out people who aren’t as fortunate as herself. She actually get’s embarrassed if she has been successful in her life and finds herself next to people who aren’t as wealthy as her. This lady knows how to please in a relationship. She is not pushy or nagging and just wants everyone to feel happy. Seeing her family unhappy will cause her a great deal of pain as she kind of has the attitude that it is all down to her to sort out. As a mother she will be soft and sensitive and lovely really. Definitely a parent a child will be able to talk to if their is a problem. They may be worried about upsetting her though. The Pisces woman does have a tendency for feeling sorry for herself, and just like the Pisces man, if she is not brought out of this it could well lead to depression. Also watch for post natal depression in these women after they have had a child. This woman does have a tough side too. She may look like the perfect angel from the outside but this can change and she can turn into something else altogether, which will undoubtedly shock anyone who is close to this lady as it really doesn’t seem possible. But it is, she is a pretty tough cookie under her armour of sensitivity. She will get especially riled if she is pulled out from her dream worlkd unwillingly. You have been warned. All in all thought this woman is a pleasure to be around. And let’s face it, none of us are perfect!


info from:   http://www.love-astrology.com/astrology/women/pisces-women/

Read more: Pisces Women 2011 

LEO's What They Really Like....

Leo Love, Sex and Relationships

What it's like to date a Leo Woman:

The first step is to give her praise and adoration. The relationship will never work if she does not receive this from you. Do not look at other women when you are with her, she has to be the only one in your eyes. The thought of competition with other women completely turns her off, for she is marvelous and grand and better then any other woman (in her eyes)! Be prepared however to compete with other men. She attracts men, deliberately or not, because of her dazzling personality. She makes a good partner because she gives undying affection and love and makes you feel really mood about yourself. She is kind and supportive with an adventurous streak, she is always fun to be with. Leo woman will dominate,. But not completely for she still needs the man to lead the way and give her the desired sense of approval, she looks up to her man. Leo woman is perfect for the man who is affectionate and has a strong character but not too controlling. She needs someone who is passionate about everything in their life and who strives for the best in everything, because so does she.

What it's like to date a Leo Man:

The Leo man falls in love easily and it usually does not last. This is because his emotional ideals of a grand and magnificent love affair quickly turn into reality. Leo man needs a woman who is grounded and in-tune with the realities of life so she can help him keep his feet on the ground. He may seem like he is casual and detached about love but this is not the case, he needs adoration and approval and if he receives this, he feels quite passionately inside and will treat her with amazing affection and be a wonderful cheerful companion. The Leo man appears to be a rock solid unemotional king but truthfully, he is very sensitive. He wants a woman who caters to him, not in a demanding way but he thinks he is entitled to this because of how great he is. Leo men are prone to be self-centered but underneath they are gentle and have lots of love to give providing the woman can give him what he wants. Leos get along with just about anyone and just about any type of girl is suited to him. The woman who caters to him and overlooks his faults (he thinks he does not have any) and the woman who does not nag at him will obviously have preference and a chance at a long term relationship. If the relationship lasts, eventually she will have to teach him that he is not the only great thing in the world.

How To Attract Leo:

Admiration is key. Admire them ands they will be yours. Leo is a fairly easy sign to attract they are very receptive to advances and come ons. Give them compliments, dish them out in handfuls because Leos never think a compliment can go too far. Even if you are faking it, they don't care, the simply love the attention. Be funny, Leos love to be entertained and they love to laugh. If you can make them laugh, you're good! Leos like the grand things in life, treat them to a lavish dinner or a cultural upscale event. Always have the best of the best and never try to offer them second rate. They think nothing is too good for them, they like everything posh so dress classy and nice, and have a good night on the town with the charming Leo!

Leo Erogenous Zone:

The back is Leo's most sensitive area. Most Leos have a well defined muscular back, compliment them on it while you lightly scratch your fingernails from the base of the neck down to their buttocks. They love a back rub or massage because to them it is being pampered. Get scented massage oil and give them a sensual massage and it is guaranteed to set the mood for a night of passion!

Sex With Leo:

First impressions would tell you that Leo is all about the kinky and novelty, but that is not so. They are deeply sensual and passionate and enjoy posh surroundings, such as candles and scented oils and lots of affectionate physical contact such as massages and rubbing. They like sex to be familiar, not necessarily routine, but they like to know what's going on. This is because Leo always has to be the best and if there is a suggestion or something offered that they have never done before, they would rather pass on the chance then attempt it and be only satisfactory. Leo has mastered the moves he know, so do not be disappointed with the lack of novelty and variety, because Leo is very good at what they can do, they are the best.


Info taken from:   http://zodiac-signs-astrology.com/zodiac-signs/leo.htm

Scorpio Romance – Can a relationship paintings among these two Powerfully excessive folks

Posted on  by Sara Bieber

2 Scorpios coming together could equal deep intensity, loving romance and powerful passion. It could also equal possessiveness, jealousy and selfishness.

As they each have the same sure and adverse qualities it could go either way.

The a single big obstacle to a certain relationship is that each partners can be extremely stubborn. As soon as their mind is created up that is it. No movement.

A Scorpio’s possessions are his or hers and no a single else’s and that includes their partner. Lo behold any person who tries to eat a thing away from him or her. They come to be emotionally attached to most items especially their relationships.

Music, art and dance are all important to a Scorpio. Times that by a couple of and you get anything special. Imagine the most intense Argentine Tango. It could were made for Scorpios – intense close embrace, cheek to cheek, bodies together with legs invading every other’s space, in a extended flowing story of love and passion.

A Scorpio and Scorpio romance is also full of battles due to the fact no partner will yield towards the other. A battle of wills exactly where pride is far more critical than some thing else at that time.

It is also full of sex, adore and passion because of the fire that may be made in between these a couple of sizzling bodies.

The hot is searingly hot as well as the cold is painfully cold. Passion and hatred have the same fierceness. A relationship will either be deeply satisfying or incredibly devastating.

Strong emotions. feelings and desires drive a Scorpio and Scorpio relationship. Theirs is an obsession based relationship in contrast to any other.

If the relationship stays the course they is going to be there for every other through thick and thin. They will love, protect and die for each other. If it doesn’t it will end in a thermo-nuclear explosion. All hell will likely be allow loose.

So, how do you get your Scorpio man.

First, gain his trust mainly because if his heart has already been broken it will eat him a lengthy time to trust again. You need to do everything inside your power to ensure him that you would by no means cheat on him.

Second, stroke his ego. Compliment him well and usually with no being false. He loves flattery.

Third, consume a keen interest in everything he does, from his work to his hobbies, to his interests.

Fourth, be a passionate lover mainly because that is what he is. Discover how to please your man in and out of bed. Be tender, creative, adventurous and exciting.

Don’t even believe of wooing a Scorpio unless your life has some type of strong mission or function attached to it. Scorpios like folks that look attached to a cause. They find men and women with drive, ambition and determination to become very sexy. If you don’t have powerful opinions start developing them like a Scorpio will love you for them even if he or she disagrees with you.

Contrary to popular belief most Scorpios would rather have a cause or a mission like a rival rather than an additional person. Still it’s difficult to deny their popularity for being the third party in adore triangles. Perhaps this can be simply because if a Scorpio does not want one thing that nobody else wants. Nevertheless they can’t support but covet what others have.

Scorpio Romance – Can a dating work between those two Powerfully excessive folks – Check Out capricorn woman scorpio man and capricorn man scorpio woman

Something we Should know To Survive LIFE's though times.

Feng  Shui
This  is without a doubt one of the nicest good luck  forwards I have received.. Hope it works for you  -- and me! 
Lotus  Touts: You have 6 minutes

There's  some mighty fine advice in these words, even if  you're not superstitious.  It has been sent around  the world ten times so far.  
Do  not keep this message.
The  Lotus Touts must leave your hands in 6 MINUTES.  Otherwise you will get a very unpleasant  surprise. This is true, even if you are not  superstitious, agnostic, or otherwise faith  impaired. 
Give  people more than they expect and do it  cheerfully.  
Marry  a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get  older, their conversational skills will be as  important as any other. 
Don't  believe all you hear, spend all you have or  sleep all you want. 
FOUR.  When  you say, 'I love you,' mean  it.  
When  you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the  eye. 
Be  engaged at least six months before you get  married. 
Believe  in love at first  sight.  
Never  laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have  dreams don't have much.  
Love  deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but  it's the only way to live life completely.  
In  disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.  
  Don't  judge people by their  relatives.  
TWELVE.  Talk  slowly but think  quickly.  
THIRTEEN. When  someone asks you a question you don't want to  answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to  know?' 
FOURTEEN.  Remember  that great love and great achievements involve  great risk. 
FIFTEEN.  Say  'bless you' when you hear someone sneeze.  
When  you lose, don't lose the  lesson.  
Remember  the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for  others; and Responsibility for all your actions.  
Don't  let a little dispute injure a great friendship.  
NINETEEN.  When  you realize you've made a mistake, take  immediate steps to correct  it.  
TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone.  The caller will hear it in your voice  
TWENTY-  ONE. Spend  some time alone.  
Now,  here's the FUN part! 
Send this to at  least 5 people and your life will improve.  
1-4  people: Your life will improve slightly.  
5-9  people: Your life will improve to your liking.
9-14  people: You will have at least 5 surprises in  the next 3 weeks 
15  and above: Your life will improve drastically  and everything you ever dreamed of will begin to  take shape. 

A  true friend is someone who reaches for your hand  and touches your  heart.
Do  not keep this  message.


How to Survive in an Unhappy Workplace


When you don't like your job, going to work every day can be a challenge. Your problem might be with a bad manager, that you constantly feel stretched to the breaking point, or that you are resentful about taking a pay cut. Or, the whole environment may just feel toxic. You might need to stay in your job because it provides health benefits, or maybe you're only staying while you look for another position. Whatever your reasons for being unhappy, you need to maintain your professionalism and prevent a bad attitude from sabotaging you.

What the Experts Say

Timothy Butler, Senior Fellow and Director of Career Development Programs at Harvard Business School and author of Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths, believes there's something elemental about the statement 'I'm unhappy at work.'" Butler, whose research focuses on personality structure and work satisfaction, says that to understand your unhappiness, you need to turn towards that feeling of unhappiness, experience it in a deep way, and not try to solve things too quickly. He suggests observing the feelings and not expecting anything. You may just find yourself at a frontier, considering what you're going to do next. "The existential nature of unhappiness is a wake-up call," Butler says. "There's some part of the self that is not being heard, that wants your attention, and that's the issue."


Similarly, Joe Mosca, an associate professor in the Leon Hess Business School at Monmouth University, who specializes in human resources management and organizational behavior, agrees that looking within is the first step. "That may be hard for some people to hear," he suggests, because while it's true that sometimes people just don't match well with their jobs, employees tend to rationalize their job dissatisfaction rather than consider that they may be part of the problem. But if you are part of the problem, you may be part of the solution, too.


Tammy Erickson, a workplace expert and author of Plugged In:The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work, advises that if you're unhappy, see if you can upgrade your contribution to the company, or find a way to be more creative about your job. She once performed very dull work in a book bindery but avoided becoming negative about the job by finding a way to make it less boring. Erickson was "interested in the process" and tried completing the tasks in a different order, which made the work quicker, easier, and less monotonous. "No work is uninteresting if you can think how to do it differently," she says.


That's not to say unhappy workers don't have valid complaints. One thing you don't want to do, however, is let your feelings boil over at work.


Signs That You Need to Take Action

Perhaps you've heard of someone who was so unhappy he quit on the spot or blew up at a boss. Losing control at work helps no one and may have repercussions in both your current job and in the future — you never know when you'll work with one of your current colleagues again.


Indications that you need to address your emotions may be physical or behavioral, explains Catherine McCarthy, a clinical psychologist and COO of The Energy Project, an organizational consulting firm. The signs include feeling distracted, sluggish, angry or irritable, not sleeping well or sleeping excessively, relying on alcohol or food to comfort yourself, and withdrawing from friends and activities. All may indicate underlying depression or anxiety, which you shouldn't ignore.


If you feel you have nowhere to turn, are about to burst, or are depressed, one option is to seek out your company's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if it has one, adds McCarthy. Some EAPs will help you find a counselor, and all are bound by healthcare and workplace laws to keep your request confidential.


There are also things you can try to change in your approach to your job. Consider these solutions for surviving and even thriving in a job that's less than optimal:


1. Face the reality head-on. China Gorman, chief global member engagement officer of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reminds workers that during a recession or slow recovery, people at all levels experience the pain. Such an economic climate makes it more difficult to leave a job, but it doesn't mean you should feel stuck. Erickson advises that you "Accept that this job is not where you want to be, even if you can't make a change today. But begin taking steps to change things." McCarthy seconds this advice. "Practice radical acceptance," she says. "Tell yourself, 'This is where I am, this is where I'm going to be for a certain amount of time.' You have more control over how you think than you realize." Understand what you're feeling, and that if you show up to work irritated, it affects your performance.


2. Develop a plan. Be proactive. Brainstorm with trusted friends and family members about your ideas. If there's something you'd like to change, decide whether your boss is approachable and if so, the best tactics to use. If you have suggestions, discuss how they will improve your performance as well as others'. The Human Resources department may also be able to help in some way, suggests Gorman, from helping you find a job within the company you're better suited for, to assisting with work/life balance.


You could also try learning a new skill. At the very least, it may help you prepare for another job. It can also lift your spirits and lead to new possibilities at your current job. If your problem is with your boss, Gorman offers advice from personal experience. She once had a boss who was smart and a strategic thinker, but terribly lacking in people skills. Gorman decided to be the boss she wished she'd had. "I made a list of what not to say, for example, and developed skills I still use today," she says.


Finally, consider looking outside your job for fulfillment. Having an outside interest or two gives you another outlet and an activity to look forward to.


3. Find (or Accentuate) the positive. Make a list of the good points about your job, advises McCarthy. Gorman calls this a benefit log. You may be thankful to have healthcare and other benefits. You may like your coworkers, or the fact that you have a short commute. Maybe there's a great gym on-site, or you enjoy the opportunity for travel or the mentoring you do. Listing what you do like about your job will help shift your perception and keep you from feeling so trapped. If you don't take responsibility, "it will hurt your performance, erode your satisfaction further, and make your time at the job worse," she says.


Principles to Remember




Differentiate between what you can change and what you can't.

Take responsibility for making a change.

Focus on making the best of a bad situation.



Assume nothing will ever change.

Allow negative thoughts to rule you.

Go it alone.

Case Study #1: Finding Satisfaction in Some Part of Your Job

Elizabeth Roman (not her real name) had been head of marketing at a professional services firm in New York for four years when she fell out of favor with her boss. He had always given her good performance reviews, so she was stunned the day he let her know that he had little respect for her work.


After that conversation, Roman "hated going to work every day." She resolved to find a new job, but in the meantime, she wanted to find some ways to make her job bearable. "First, I pushed myself to perform at the highest level possible after that conversation so he'd have no further ammunition against me," she said. Along with that, she came up with a creative project for attracting clients, suggested it to her boss, and threw herself into organizing it with her staff. Roman also contacted a mentor at another firm who served as a sounding board and lifted her spirits. She never betrayed her boss and never let her feelings affect her relationship with her employees. When she finally found another position and resigned, she mustered the grace to thank her boss for all he had taught her.


Case Study #2: Finding Satisfaction Outside of Work

Allen Smith (not his real name) is a technologist at consulting giant Bain who became frustrated with what he saw as a lack of a career path. "I also felt like my manager didn't understand what I needed day to day to do my job," he says.

by Pat Olsen

But he liked the people he worked with, so he did some soul-searching, asking himself whether he was unhappy because of someone else or because of his own attitude. He decided it was the latter. Smith had been toying with the idea of starting a business, and he thought if he could do it on the side, it would affect his outlook. He was right.


He was given permission to work three days a week, which allowed him to start the part-time property management business he envisioned. "With a reduced work week, regular chats with my manager, and a focus outside of work, I've become much happier about my time here," he says. In turn, working fewer hours helped reduce his department's budget.